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You successfully signed up for my Main newsletter, and so … thanks. 

In general, you will get one of two types of things on this list:

  1. Nothing. There is a decent chance that I regularly won’t send anything, and so you won’t have anything clogging your inbox. This is a fine trade, is it not? You get the joy of signing up for a newsletter, minus the heartache of having to read it. 
  2. Something. I have a few kinds of things I send around, usually weekly, or have sent around, or might send around.
    • Short essays. These are usually very short, but longer than tweets, so that is essayistic in my book.
    • Lists of papers & things worth reading. Unlike other such things from other people, these are lists of things I’ve actually read, so there will be fewer of them.
    • Meta notes. That’s why when I write to you about what I write about here. (That is what I’m doing now, except this is a meta-meta note, in that I’m writing about when I write about when I write about stuff here. I won’t do meta-meta notes very often.)

This is usually the point at which people with well-honed marketing instincts and a deep love of other humans say something collegial like, Hey, email and let me know what you think, etc.

But, honestly? I could say that, but … don’t. Not because I don’t think you’re all lovely people, deserving of every good thing that has happened to you in life, path dependency and randomness aside. It’s just that I can barely keep up with my own inadequacies, anxieties, and commitment phobia, and I don’t need other people adding to the list.

So, imagine me asking you for suggestions, imagine you sending them, and then let’s both, respectively, not do those things.



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