Rotator Cuffs: Why They Go Awry, and What You Should Do About It. Or Not.

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Paul and Howard talk about rotator cuffs, those four muscles around your shoulder that often go awry and sometimes really hurt. There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here.


  • What are rotator cuffs anyway?
    • Tossing, tools, and trees: the evolutionary history of shoulders 
    • What happens if part of your rotator cuff goes, you know, missing?
    • Pretty much everyone over 45 has rotator cuff problems. Most don’t notice. 
    • The future of fixing — and/or not fixing — rotator cuff problems

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Paul Kedrosky is a frequently injured athlete who, when he isn’t rehabbing, is also a venture investor. Howard Luks is a top sports orthopedic surgeon.

Music & Disclaimers:

  • Crossing the Chasm, Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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