Mitochondrial Health: The Path to Longevity and Performance

Paul and Howard have a special guest, the amazing Dr. Inigo San Milan from the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado, one of the top researchers in the world on this topic. We talk about all aspects of mitochondrial health, from what that means, to what we can do about it, to how mitochondrial health differs between us and top athletes. There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here.

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  • What are mitochondria and what do they do
  • Mitochondrial health for longevity and for performance
  • How top athletes differ from you and me in terms of mitochondrial health
  • The merits of Zone 2 training
  • Dr. San Milan’s role as a fitness coach for 2020 Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar

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Paul Kedrosky is a frequently injured athlete who, when he isn’t rehabbing, is also a venture investor. Howard Luks is a top sports orthopedic surgeon.

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