Imaging Injuries, or Why You Can’t Unsee an MRI

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Paul and Howard talk about sports injury imaging, from x-rays and MRI, to ultrasound. You can find a transcript here.


  • What are the main tools for imaging injuries?
  • When are these tools most useful? When are they not? 
  • Why Paul thinks he should be on a frequent imaging program
  • The future of imaging, from machine learning, to handhelds, to potentially doing it less routinely



Paul Kedrosky is a frequently injured athlete who, when he isn’t rehabbing, is also a venture investor. Howard Luks is a top sports orthopedic surgeon. 

Music & Disclaimers:

“Crossing the Chasm” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Disclaimers apply and can be heard at the end of the episode.

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