Episode 14 (A Brief Audio Footnote): A Deeper Dive Into Pulmonary Function and WIldfires

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We got lots of questions on our recent episode about air, exercise, and wildfires, so here is a short, deeper dive into the topic. We gave Howard the episode off, so I have a special guest, Christopher T. Migliaccio, a Research Assistant Professor in Immunology at the University of Montana. His main research interest is how environmental particulates in the respiratory system affect pulmonary immunology, and he is doing ongoing work on the effect of wildfires on pulmonary function.  There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here

Topics Covered:

  • Lung immunology and the role of macrophages
  • The medium-term health effects of multi-day exposure to smoke, based on a cohort study of Montana’s 2017 wildfires
  • Consequences of particulate for lung infections, from influenza to coronavirus 

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