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logoThe latest thinking on health, fitness. exercise, and injuries, with Paul Kedrosky and Howard Luks. Paul Kedrosky is a frequently injured athlete and, when not rehabbing from doing something dumb, a venture capitalist. Howard Luks is a top sports orthopedic surgeon. Podcasts come out weekly.



Muscle Mass, Strength, and Longevity


Paul and Howard talk about the relationship between muscle mass, strength, and longevity. There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here. Topics: Why muscle mass is important, and not just for bodybuilders The loss of muscle with age, the technical term for which is sarcopenia The many consequences of loss of muscle tone are many, from …

Mitochondrial Health: The Path to Longevity and Performance


Paul and Howard have a special guest, the amazing Dr. Inigo San Milan from the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado, one of the top researchers in the world on this topic. We talk about all aspects of mitochondrial health, from what that means, to what we can do about it, to how …

Athletic Shoes: Their History, Benefits, and Consequences


 Paul and Howard talk about shoes and their consequences.. There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here. Topics: Why do we wear shoes? The evolutionary history of the foot The anatomic consequences of shoe wear Mistakes people make buying athletic shoes The explosion is athletic shoe varieties, from minimalist shoes, to maximalist shoes, and everything …

Ep 16: Anesthesia: Why We Do It, How It’s Changing, and What the Future Looks Like


Paul and Howard talk about surgical anesthesia with a special guest: Jon Bauman, Chief of Anesthesiology at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Westchester, New York.  There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here. Topics: What is anesthesia? Are you asleep? Where does your brain go?  What do anesthesiologists do when patients are out?  Local, regional, and …

Rotator Cuffs: Why They Go Awry, and What You Should Do About It. Or Not.


 Paul and Howard talk about rotator cuffs, those four muscles around your shoulder that often go awry and sometimes really hurt. There is a Fairly Crap Transcript™ here. Topics: What are rotator cuffs anyway? Tossing, tools, and trees: the evolutionary history of shoulders  What happens if part of your rotator cuff goes, you know, …

Episode 14 (A Brief Audio Footnote): A Deeper Dive Into Pulmonary Function and WIldfires


We got lots of questions on our recent episode about air, exercise, and wildfires, so here is a short, deeper dive into the topic. We gave Howard the episode off, so I have a special guest, Christopher T. Migliaccio, a Research Assistant Professor in Immunology at the University of Montana. His main research interest is how …

Air & Exercise: Breathing in an Age of Wildfires and Coronavirus


Paul and Howard talk about air, exercise, lung function, and breathing in an age of wildfires and coronavirus. There is a fairly crap transcript here. Topics: Viruses and exercise A primer on lung function during exercise How much outdoor exercise is safe when air quality is lousy Best ways to limit your pollutant exposure Related …

Lifespan & Healthspan: The Science(s) of Healthier Aging, From Cells to Centenarians


 Paul and Howard talk about healthy aging, from cell death, to diet, to centenarians, and exercise in-between. Financial geek that he is, Paul sneaks in a little riff about pension fraud too. There is a fairly crap transcript here. Topics: Healthspan vs lifespan, squaring the curve Cellular housekeeping and whether it can be catalyzed …

The Doubt Industry, Coronavirus, and Dr. Google


 Paul and Howard talk about the doubt industry, medical skepticism, and Dr. Google as a force for good. Sometimes. Maybe. You can find an error-filled transcript here.  Topics: How views of medicine have changed over the last hundred years What is causing the current wave of medical skepticism? Data democratization vs … other stuff …

Imaging Injuries, or Why You Can’t Unsee an MRI


 Paul and Howard talk about sports injury imaging, from x-rays and MRI, to ultrasound. You can find a transcript here. Topics: What are the main tools for imaging injuries? When are these tools most useful? When are they not?  Why Paul thinks he should be on a frequent imaging program The future of imaging, …

I’m Injured, You’re Injured, We’re Injured: Some Personal Perspectives


Paul and Howard talk about their own current injuries, how and why they happened, why it’s frustrating, and what they’re doing to get past it. Maybe. Topics: What happened to Paul (plantar fasciitis) and to Howard (stress fracture) Why these injuries happened How we respond to injuries, a phases of grief model, with some shouting …

Why Do Injuries Happen, How Do You Know, and How Do You Make Them Go away?


Paul and Howard talk about injuries, how and why they happen, and why they keep coming back. You can also read a (rough) transcript here. Topics: Why injuries happen Acute vs chronic injuries The origins of overuse problems Training errors and injury cycles Becoming a resilient athlete  Readings: Running. Back to Basics. Base Building Training …

The Fine Art of Balancing


   Paul and Howard talk about balancing, but not the financial kind. Here is the full transcript. Topics: How we balance  Why balance is overlooked but so important to health and fitness Why falls are so common and so hard on people as we age Myths about balancing How to improve your balance Readings: …

Unlearning Medicine: Reversals, Placebos, and Natural experiments


Paul and Howard discuss how medicine is changing, and how some common procedures and ideas that were once accepted practice are being abandoned. They also talk about the merits of shouting at your legs, and whether it’s possible to mainline red wine. Topics: Why some procedures become accepted practice, despite poor evidence The “six weeks” …

Talking Exercise, Activity, and Injury in a Pandemic


My friend Dr. Howard Luks and I talking exercise, activity, and injuries in a pandemic.

Coronavirus, exercise, and injury


Paul and Howard talk about the effects of the current epidemic on exercise, fitness, and injury. Topics include:  The difficulty some people have had getting enough exercise Overuse injuries The worried-well and over-thinking things Going to gyms in a pandemic Hikers with sharp sticks Lung function and pulse oximeters Bios: Paul Kedrosky is a frequently …