Readings: Persistence, Puzzles, Conscription, and Commutes



  • The “forward guidance” puzzle in monetary policy — markets don’t react the way they should if markets believed the Fed could do what it says what it will do — disappears once you realize the Fed can’t do what it says it will do 
  • The retail apocalypse — the rising number of store closures — isn’t as bad as you think, largely because stores are quickly getting converted to non-store things, like laser tag centers and office blocks


  • Skewed hiring from top schools causes research from top institutions to spread faster than work of similar quality from less prestigious institutions
  • The case for selection by persistence — stuff that lasts, lasts — in evolution is getting a closer hearing
  • Global energy consumption in 2018 increased at nearly twice the average rate of growth since 2010. The causes? Higher economic growth, and sharply increased heating and cooling costs in some parts of the world.