Kedrosky Daily Graphs • 2020-12-09 • Natural gas, Zoom traffic, etc

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Kedrosky Daily Graphs

A much warmer-than-average early winter is putting big pressure on natural gas prices

2020 12 08 10 02 12

Source: @jkenergy


“The system is failing me” vs coronavirus death rates, around the world

2020 12 08 13 29 12


Data traffic at Dutch Internet provider KPN now spikes every hour on the hour as Zoom calls start. Most popular start time? 11am

2020 12 08 15 56 00

Source: @peterjaap

China GDP is now early all the way back to the pre-pandemic trend

2020 12 08 20 39 27


Latest California vehicle miles traveled data:

  • 351,122,726 million vehicle miles traveled, down -2.0% from a week ago.
  • Vehicle miles traveled is down 98.0% from the Apr 05, 2020 trough.


Latest US air passenger data:

  • 703,546 daily travelers, down -28.0% from a week ago.
  • Air passengers are up 703.7% from the Apr 14, 2020 trough.
  • Daily passengers are down 68.4% compared to one year ago.

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