Kedrosky Daily Graphs • 2020-11-15 • Bears, Chips, Clothes, etc

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Kedrosky Daily Graphs

Insider transaction ratio on equity markets hitting 12-month highs of bearishness

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As global fashion sales rise, we getting less use out of our clothes than ever 

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How Intel semiconductor manufacturing lots its way 

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Source: BofAML


China’s recent income-adjusted economic growth has been lower than Taiwan, Japan, or Korea’s was when they were at the same economic level

2020 11 14 18 48 10

Source: @lymanstoneky


Latest California vehicle miles traveled data:

  • 353,862,229 million vehicle miles traveled, up 5.0% from a week ago.
  • Vehicle miles traveled is up 99.5% from the Apr 05, 2020 trough.


Latest US air passenger data:

  • 881,579 daily travelers, down -2.0% from a week ago.
  • Air passengers are up 907.1% from the Apr 14, 2020 trough.
  • Daily passengers are down 63.8% compared to one year ago.

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