Kedrosky Daily Graphs • 2020-11-10 • IPOs, Disappearing public cos, etc.

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Kedrosky Daily Graphs

IPO dollar volume in the US is touching dot-com levels, even if the number of iPOs isn’t yet

2020 11 09 20 51 23


The number of public traded companies in the US is back to mid-1980s levels

2020 11 09 20 51 35


Jurgen Klopp for president/PM/etc.

2020 11 09 13 04 20


Latest California vehicle miles traveled data:

  • 358,968,163 million vehicle miles traveled, down -1.0% from a week ago.
  • Vehicle miles traveled is down 102.4% from the Apr 05, 2020 trough.


Latest US air passenger data:

  • 973,020 daily travelers, up 4.0% from a week ago.
  • Air passengers are up 1011.6% from the Apr 14, 2020 trough.
  • Daily passengers are down 58.7% compared to one year ago.

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