I am an investor, both private and public, as well as a writer, researcher, skier & climber. These are my research, writing, and projects, as well as other things that don’t have a place elsewhere.

I can be contacted here, and you can find me on Twitter as @pkedrosky, as well as finding more information about me on LinkedIn


And, reluctantly, because a few people have asked, here’s a little more:

I’m originally an engineer, did graduate work in economics, technology, and finance, and hold a Ph.D. in that sort of thing. Early in my career, I was a bag-carrying, quota-holding sales guy, then an equity analyst for a major brokerage firm, started a couple of companies, and then an academic, before becoming a venture capitalist. I’ve also held spots as a contributor at CNBC as well as Bloomberg., not to mention having written columns for the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, and others. (AMA about the time a decade ago when James Altucher and I pitched a show at CNBC.)

In venture investing career twists and turns, I turned down Twitter, passed on Uber at the seed round, and didn’t followup on an email conversation with Sergey Brin about a search project of his called Backrub when it was still crashing the Stanford campus network. I also hosted, in 2007, the first major financial technology conference, an event called Money:Tech where we talked about algorithmic trading, cryptocurrencies, and other impractical ideas. It also brought together Nassim Taleb, Nouriel Roubini, Jim Cramer, and others. I often wonder what happened to those guys. 

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